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Handcrafted premium bass guitars made in Germany by master luthier Nico Schack

Guitar Summit 2017

Thanks to everybody who has visited our booth at the Guitar Summit Show this year. It was a pleasure meeting you guys, having nice talks, meeting old friends and making some new.
We made this short video to give you some impressions of the show.


The new 2017 model

As a luthier who listens closely to the demands of the bass players Nico decided to come up with a singlecut model. What he was aiming for was to create a fusion of the physical advantages a singlecut instrument has to offer with an appealing design. The result is the brand new N-FINITY model. It is a rich, full and warm sounding instrument that provides almost endless sustain. With it’s beautiful hand curved flowing lines it is an piece of art with that Schack has taken comfortable ergonomic shaping, balance and playability as well as classy design to the next level.

German Custom Guitar & Bass Show

Bruchsal 2017

What a great Weekend at the German Custom Guitar & Bass Show. It was a pleasure to meet so many other crazy german luthiers and of course some awesome musicians. Special Thanks to Henry Schulz, the man behind that outstanding event. Don't miss the chance to be a part of that experience next year. See you!

New Review

by Bonedo.de

There is a new review from Bonedo of our new N-Finity model (only in German).

Please check the detailed articel with sound examples by Samy Saemann and great pictures from Guido Metzen.

Read the Review

London Bass Guitar Show 2017

We had a great time at the London Bass Guitar Show this year.
We made this short video to thank everyone for visiting our booth, checking our basses, having nice talks and enjoying the time together. Hope to see you again soon!


to sound - playability - uniqueness

When Schack Guitars was founded in 1981 it started as a manufactory building electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars. Pretty soon Schack decided to focus on building premium bass guitars and introduced a lot of inovations irreplaceable for the market today. When Nico Schack joined the company he had access to years of experience about the process of building world class instruments and started to adding his own ideas and improvements to the knowledge that was past on to him.


the home

of passion - experience - craftmanship

The passion that I'm driven by is to make every bass guitar I build to be the best that I've ever made and to fulfill the high requirements of each individual player as best as I can. To achieve this, I consistently bring in new ideas, make improvements and small adjustments here and there, welcome evolution and growth and persistently pursue my way forward. I don't settle.


Love and passion for details

Most of the work is done by hand in pursuit of the best results


Our Covered Neck Fixing-system is a bolt on construction that isn't


Like a magnetic wooden battery- and electronic-cover for our screwless back design

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every bass is unique

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Schack Elements


We apply all our knowledge about tone woods and how to combine them in order to fulfill your notion of a certain sound. The more than 30 types of tone wood we use include beautiful and rare pieces from all over the world as well as regional tone wood. The majority of them is stored for more than 15 years under best climatic conditions.


Our own pickups and electronics are designed to bring out the natural sound of the wood without colouring the tone. Nevertheless it is powerful enough to provide a huge dynamic headroom and it offers almost endless possibilities to shape the sound to your preferences.


In addition to focus on using only the best materials as foundation for great instruments, decades of experience in handling, working and combining them and persistently expanding our knowledge and abilities is essential for being able to achieve the best result.


The sound as well as the look of an instrument is an expression of the artist's personality. How it feels in his hands is influenced by the fusion of the shaping and the finish, which protects the instrument, brings out it's full beauty and merges playability with haptic.

Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcement

Let's have a closer look on the physical advantages of carbon and how we use it in our instruments.

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% made in Germany


years of experience

founded in 1981

hours per build

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% passion in our work

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Step by Step Documentation

We document the most important steps in the building process of your instrument. So you can follow our work and watch your instrument become alive.

Photoshooting & Featured Video

When your bass is finished we take it to a professional, high quality photoshooting and feature it in a video, if possible.

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Schack Unique MONO Case

Saftey First

Mono Cases

To provide the highest level of protection and comfort,

all our basses come in a functional,

ergonomic and durable MONO Case.