Schack Unique V ‘Red Zora’

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Project Description

Schack Unique V

„Red Zora“ is a Unique V that we custom built for Joerg Feser – his initiales „JF“ mark the 12th fret. For the sandwich body we decided to do something special: it’s made of 5 layers of (top to back) quilted maple, bubinga, flamed maple, bubinga and quilted maple again. Such an extravagant body has never been made by Schack Guitars before. „Red Zora“ is a a very responsive instrument that sounds very even and balanced in every register all across the fretboard with tight and defined bass, a cutting-thru midrange voice and crispy highs. That gives you an always clearly audible sound that doesn’t get lost in the mix, either live or on recordings.


  • 5 layers body of
  • quilted maple, bubinga & flamed maple
  • flamed maple neck with bubinga stripes
  • ebony fretboard
  • custom “JF” inlay
  • 24 frets + 0. fret
  • ebony nut
  • Schack Basstec Soapbar SB-50 (splitable)
  • Schack BC-3P, active 3-band-elektronic (18V)
  • semiparametric EQ
  • Schaller & ETS Hardware
  • hardware finish: black
  • deep coloured red highgloss finish
  • screwless Back-Design
  • CNF (covered neck fixing)-System
  • magnetic wooden covers (quilted maple)
  • price: 5.590€


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